Trump Coalition

Trump Coalition

Life of a Ballot

What happens after a voter casts a vote? NBC News asks Hamilton County, Ohio about absentee ballots, vote counts and more.

The City: Prison’s Grip on the Black Family

The City: Prison’s Grip on the Black Family

The Heartland: Life and Loss in Steel City

Industrial luster tarnished in a cutthroat global economy

The Wrong Man

Thomas Webb survived a false conviction, but freedom failed him. Then he met his accuser.

Beyond Trump

What will the Republican Party look like after 2016?

A Party Divided

How Donald Trump emerged from decades of GOP tension

The Healers

In a small hospital in Kabul, doctors and nurses struggle to keep pace with a rush of civilians wounded in a deteriorating civil war.

United States of Trump

An inside look at the voters who took over the Republican Party


An original, twelve-episode digital documentary series from the producers of Dateline NBC.

A Texas Pipeline’s Controversial Path

A pipeline planned for the remote Big Bend region of Texas is dividing communities in this state built on the oil and gas industry.

The Cosby Accusers Speak

Twenty-nine women who accuse the comedian of inappropriate sexual behavior tell their stories to NBC’s Dateline

Send In The Weathermen

A new generation of combat meteorologists make critical weather forecasts for military operations in some of the most hostile places on Earth.